Deep ploughing laboratory gas pipeline system R & D and design, Wofei technology protects the safety of the laboratory

August 27, 2022
Latest company news about Deep ploughing laboratory gas pipeline system R & D and design, Wofei technology protects the safety of the laboratory

In the process of designing a laboratory, gas pipelines are usually involved. General laboratory gas mainly consists of non combustible gas (nitrogen, carbon dioxide), inert gas, combustible gas, highly toxic gas and combustion supporting gas. Therefore, in the process of designing the laboratory, it is necessary to consider the installation of the gas circuit, design and select appropriate clean gas pipes and gas valves according to the site environment and the requirements of different gases, and meet the needs of the laboratory for gas safety, purity and cleanliness.
However, with the rapid development of the industry, due to the lack of unified technical requirements on key contents and key standards of laboratory gas transmission and other equipment systems, problems such as a wide variety of equipment and facilities, and the mismatch between the performance of special modules and equipment pipeline valves have gradually become prominent. There is a temporary lack of unified and accurate guidance on scheme design, technology implementation, test evaluation and actual deployment, which has a great impact on later use and maintenance.
As a high-tech enterprise engaged in gas application system engineering, Wofei technology has long provided a full range of laboratory gas pipeline gas supply systems, providing one-stop complete services from overall planning, professional design, material selection, professional installation, system delivery, technical consultation, etc., to meet the gas use requirements and safety of different experiments. Advanced equipment and hardware, pragmatic design, installation and maintenance teams, and rich project experience make the company highly trusted and recognized by partners in semiconductor, integrated circuit, flat panel display, optoelectronics, new materials, new energy, optical fiber, fine chemicals, biomedicine, various laboratories and other industries.


latest company news about Deep ploughing laboratory gas pipeline system R & D and design, Wofei technology protects the safety of the laboratory  0

The gas pipeline system in the laboratory adopts the centralized gas supply equipment of the busbar. It has the functions of manual, semi-automatic and full-automatic switching for double bottles (multi bottles). It is equipped with a low-pressure alarm device to monitor the gas pressure in real time, monitor the concentration, alarm and exhaust air, so as to ensure the normal gas demand of customers and the safety of life and property. Moreover, through the gas supply control system, the gas in the cylinder can be fully used, the residual gas can be reduced, and the gas consumption cost can be reduced.
In addition, Wofei technology cooperates with the construction party to design the scheme according to the laboratory environment. As we all know, the gas supply of pipelines and pipelines is intricate and complex. In order to avoid mistakes and leaks, the company's designers marked the intersection and control valve of each gas path on the drawings. Through field investigation, they carried out comprehensive and systematic investigation and analysis to provide detailed and reliable data for the gas path design. At the same time, in the construction of the gas station, the management mode of gas cylinder room is used to improve the safety of the gas station. Stainless steel control panel is used for gas source control, and stainless steel series valves, connectors and other products are used for pipeline connection in the transmission process.
In the future, Wofei technology will continue to promote the large-scale development of the laboratory gas circuit industry based on its own technology and practical experience, cooperate with ecological partners, provide technical support for the implementation of the gas transportation system in various industries, and help the healthy development of industrial safety.