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Company News About Tips for Gas Pipeline Project Design & Installation

Tips for Gas Pipeline Project Design & Installation

Tips for Gas Pipeline Project Design & Installation


1.Whether design is standardized to check
Design is the main basis for engineering construction, and a full-time personnel must strict review of designing norms. It is necessary to prevent the maintenance of the designer's ability to topical, the construction environment is contained, resulting in a large amount of change in the installation of the on-site pipeline, causing insufficient argument, not accurate design, and the drawings are not perfect.

2. The construction management standard for pipeline installation is high
If the prefabrication of the pipe should be intended. Such a precious metal material such as the Hartse alloy, pipe, etc., the installation environment and surface anti-pollution requirements are high. If the construction directly on site, the management of protective measures and the environment should be increased; the pipeline between the combined equipment is based on equipment manufacturers The equipment positioning is prefabricated in the factory. It has a special structure of the strict jacket and the pipeline within the pipeline, and it is necessary to consider prefabrication of manufacturers who have entrusted mechanical processing qualifications. At the same time, to avoid pipeline installations are not in place, so that the construction site is confusing, resulting in damage to the material, and does not occur according to standard materials.



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3. Construction team staff qualification review must be strict.
Due to the unfairness of the construction team, there is no strict organizational system in the construction team, and some people have unlicensed. At the same time, even a full-time team, there are also causes of personnel flow replacement, technical updates, and highlight the technical quality of employees. In particular, the proportion of special operations in the pipeline installation process must strictly control the construction team staff qualifications.
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