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Company Case About Semiconductor Industry

Semiconductor Industry

Latest company case aboutSemiconductor Industry

The Encapsulation is necessary for the semiconductor electronic chip manufacturing process. For integrated circuits, packaging technology is very critical. In addition to providing advanced production equipment, production lines, stability, security equipment is essential. The packaging equipment of the semiconductor industry uses the ratio of gas, and only ensures the accuracy of the ratio gas concentration and accuracy, to ensure the stability of the package quality, and the continuous ratio air supply is also the necessary conditions for packaging.


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Different from the laboratory, special gas pipelines, the special gas system in the semiconductor industry represents the highest standards and requirements in the special gas industry. Except for the safety and reasonable delivery of the gas, the maximum guarantee of the purity of the gas ensures that the production process of the semiconductor is very high. If the gas isn’t purity, it is possible to cause a batch of waste, traffic, insufficient pressure, and equipment is not working properly. The system solution is not perfect, and it is not possible to satisfy the uninterrupted gas supply, and it directly affects the production.


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