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Company News About Characteristics and risk of laboratory air supply systems

Characteristics and risk of laboratory air supply systems

Characteristics and risk of laboratory air supply systems


1.Features of the laboratory air supply system:


1.1 Features: The laboratory requires a constant carrier gas flow, high gas purity, and provides a gas for analyzing equipment for the laboratory to provide quantities and stable gas.

1.2 Economic: Building a concentrated gas cylinder can save limited laboratory space, do not need to cut off when replacing the cylinder to ensure continuous supply of the gas. Users only manage fewer cylinders, pay less steel bottle rent, because all used points used in the same gas come from the same gas source. Such a supply method will ultimately reduce transportation, reducing the amount of retarding gas in the air bottle of gas company, as well as good cylinders management.

1.3 usage: Centralized pipe supply system can place gas outlets in use, such a more reasonable design workplace.

1.4 security: to ensure its storage and use of security. Safeguards the analysis tester from being infringed by the toxic and harmful gases in the experiment.


2. Hazard of laboratory gas


2.1 Some gases have flammable, explosive, toxic, strong corrosion, etc., once they leak, may cause harm to staff and instrument equipment.


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2.2. A variety of gases are used in the same environment. If there are two gases that have strong chemical reactions such as combustion or explosions, they may cause injury to staff and instrument equipment.

2.3 Most of gas cylinders are up to 15MPa, namely 150 kg / cm2, if the air bottle decompression device is out of the decompression device, it is possible to eject some parts, and its energy has fatal injury to the human body or equipment. .


3.Conditions and preparations for craft pipe test pressure


The pipeline system is completed and compliant with the design requirements and regulations.
The branch, the hanger and the pipe rack are finished, and the ray flaw detection has completely reached the design specifications, and the part of the test, weld and other should be tested is not painted and incubated.
The test pressure gauge has been verified, the accuracy is set to 1.5, and the full scale value of the table should be 1.5 to 2 times the maximum pressure measured.

Before the test, the test system, equipment and attachments will not be involved in the test system, and the position of the blind board is used to apply the white lacquer lacquered mark and record.

The test water should be used with clean water, and the chloride ion content in the water must not exceed 25 × 10-6 (25 ppm).
The temporary pipeline for the test is reinforced, and the safety and reliability should be checked.

Check if all valves on the pipe are on the open state, whether the spacers are added, and the retracting valve core is to be removed, and after the purge can be reset.