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Company News About Distribution of industrial gases

Distribution of industrial gases

Distribution of industrial gases
  • Classification of industrial gases

Industrial gases refer to products that are gaseous at room temperature and pressure, and are the basic raw materials of modern industry, widely used in traditional and emerging industries. According to the different preparation methods and application areas, industrial gases can be divided into bulk gases and specialty gases:

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  • Industrial Gases Industry Chain

The upstream raw materials of the industrial gas industry are mainly air, industrial waste gas, basic chemical raw materials, etc. The upstream industries are mainly equipment suppliers (air separation equipment, purification equipment, storage tanks and other storage container equipment, tanker trucks and other transportation equipment), electric power suppliers, and basic chemical raw material suppliers.

The downstream industries of the industrial gas industry are mainly electronic semiconductor, biomedicine, new energy, metallurgy, chemical industry, machinery, electric power, building materials, lighting, food, agriculture and other industries, with a wide range of downstream applications, the economic fluctuations of a single downstream industry have less impact on the industrial gas industry. Among them, the end-user market of common industrial gases is mainly concentrated in traditional industries such as metallurgy and chemical industry, while the end-user market of specialty gases is mainly in the fields of electronic semiconductor, biomedicine and new energy.

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