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Company News About Factors Affecting Gas Pipeline Engineering Design

Factors Affecting Gas Pipeline Engineering Design

Factors Affecting Gas Pipeline Engineering Design


1. Whether design is standardized to check
Design is the main basis for engineering construction, and some professionals have strictly reviewed design specifications. To maximize the restrictions on the restrictions such as designer's ability to limit, the construction environment is limited, resulting in a large amount of change in the field pipeline installation, causing insufficient argument, not accurate design, and the drawings are incomplete.

2. Construction team staff qualification review must be strict
Because the phenomenon of the guarantee is absolutely avoided, some construction teams do not have a strict restrictive organizational system, some people have unlicensed laid. At the same time, even a professional team, there are also causes of personnel flow replacement, technical update, and highlight the phenomenon of employee professional technical quality. In particular, the proportion of special operations in the pipeline installation must have a strict control review of the qualifications of the construction team.



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3. The construction management standard for pipeline installation is high.
If the prefabrication of the pipe should be well-organized. Such a precious metallic material such as the Harfa alloy, aluminum materials and the surface anti-pollution requirements of the pipeline, such as directly on site construction, focusing on the management of protection measures and environment; for the pipeline between the combined equipment, by equipment manufacturers According to the equipment positioning situation in the factory, there is a special structure of the strict jacket, and the pipelines are required to have special structures in the pipeline should be considered for the entrustment of manufacturers with mechanical processing qualifications. At the same time, to avoid pipe installations are not in place, so that the construction site is confusing, resulting in damage, and does not occur in standard materials.