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Company News About Fluid System Components for Semiconductor Manufacturing Processes

Fluid System Components for Semiconductor Manufacturing Processes

Fluid System Components for Semiconductor Manufacturing Processes

The different chemicals and gases used in semiconductor manufacturing require robust fluid systems for uninterrupted supply at every stage of production. These fluid systems must be able to support the extreme process conditions required for semiconductor manufacturing while ensuring a clean, leak-free and controlled process. Therefore, the selection of fluid system components is critical in the precision semiconductor manufacturing process.

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Choosing high quality fluid system components is synonymous with increased manufacturing efficiency and reduced system downtime. With respect to the semiconductor manufacturing process, we will discuss the critical role of fluid system components and the importance of their reliability.


Importance of Fluid System Components in Semiconductor Manufacturing


Fluid system components in semiconductor manufacturing include different chemical mixing, conveying, and control systems for safely transporting chemical fluids in a controlled environment. An ideal fluid system has:


➢ Uniform chemical mixing


➢Contamination control


➢Temperature and pressure control


➢Uninterrupted chemical supply


Only the highest quality components can provide such ideal conditions in a semiconductor fluid system. The advantages of using such components include:

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Accurate: Components such as valves, regulators and pumps work in tandem to ensure that the correct proportion of chemical is delivered to the production cell. Precise inputs eliminate the risk of flow variations, which improves the quality of the final product.


Compatibility and cleanliness: Fluid system components with material compositions that are compatible with process fluids reduce the risk of contamination. In addition, the leak-free installation of these fluid system components reduces particulate contaminants, providing a clean and controlled manufacturing environment for improved yields.


Safety: Gases and chemicals used in semiconductor manufacturing can be harmful to human health. However, fluid system components designed to prevent leaks and spills can deliver these fluids to production units in a safe and controlled manner.


Efficiency: The leak-free construction and precise control of high-quality fluid system components minimizes operational downtime and frequent maintenance requirements, promoting smooth, efficient manufacturing to meet production goals.


Quality Manufactured Fluid System Component Solutions


Fluid system components require high quality installations to meet the challenges of semiconductor manufacturing. Key components that impact the fab include:


Valves: High-performance valves, such as diaphragm, bellows, or needle valves, ideally regulate fluid flow in manufacturing facilities. Durable, high-quality valves provide the precision and control needed to improve the efficiency of production and handling processes for critical semiconductor manufacturing.


Fittings: High-purity fittings for tubing and hose systems and other critical components provide sealed connections to enhance the safety and purity of fluid system components.


Hoses: For precision manufacturing requirements, insulated hoses aid in thermal management so that process conditions within the production room can be optimally maintained. This is important because the slightest temperature fluctuation can damage chips and lead to production waste.


Flexible Tubing: Where conditions allow, flexible tubing can be used to reduce the number of fittings in a fluid system assembly. The tubing is bent to obtain the desired fluid path. Fewer fittings means less risk of leaks and damage due to vibration and movement.


Regulators: Regulators effectively control pressure at each stage of the semiconductor manufacturing process. Constant and accurate flow achieves consistent, high-quality yields while avoiding wasted fluid chemicals and specialty materials.


Filters: A single particle can affect semiconductor performance. The use of ultra-high purity filters eliminates particle contamination and minimizes chip damage.


Fluid system efficiencies in semiconductor manufacturing can be achieved with AFK-LOK's wide range of high quality valves, fittings, regulators, hoses and filters.