Hook up introduction of semiconductor plant gas pipeline

July 4, 2022
Latest company news about Hook up introduction of semiconductor plant gas pipeline

Hook up enables the machine to achieve the desired function by connecting to transmit utilities. Hook up is to connect the utilities (such as water, electricity, gas, chemicals, etc.) provided by the factory to the machine and its accessories through the reserved utilities connection point (port or stick) through pipelines cable.

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These utilities are used by the machine to meet the process requirements it is paid. After the machine is used, the recyclable water or waste (such as waste water, waste gas, etc.) generated by the machine is connected to the reserved contact of the system through the pipeline, and then transmitted to the plant recovery system or waste gas treatment system. The hookup project mainly includes: CAD, move in, core drill, seismic, vacuum, gas, chemical D.I, PCW, CW, express, electric, drain


GAS HOOK-UP Basic understanding of professional knowledge

In semiconductor plants, the so-called hook up of gas pipeline is called "sp1hook up" in terms of buckgas (general gases such as CDA, GN2, pN2, PO2, Phe, par, H2, etc.), and the takeoff point from the outlet point of the gas storage tank of the gas supply source to the sub mainpiping through the mainpiping is called "sp1hook up", which is from the takeoff outlet point to the inlet point of the machine (tool) or equipment, Called secondary configuration (sp2hook up).
For specialtygas (special gas such as corrosive, toxic, flammable, heating gas, etc.), its gas supply source is gascabinet. From the g/c outlet point to the primary inlet point of VMB (valve main box.) or VMP (valve main panel) is called sp1hook up, and from the secondary outlet point of VMB or VMP stick to the machine inlet point is called sp2 hook.