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Company News About Industrial Gas

Industrial Gas

Industrial Gas

(1) Industry: global industrial gases market size of 175.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2025, 2020-2025 CAGR5.4%, track both stability and growth


① China's $100 billion market, China's industrial gases market size of 232.5 billion yuan ($35.8 billion) in 2025, CAGR 8.6%;

② downstream coverage of a wide range of industries and projects with uniqueness and exclusivity.

Sign long-term contracts, affected by macro-adverse factors (epidemic) small;

③ moat deep, air separation equipment localization is the key to future cost reduction, increase bargaining power.


① bulk gas application scenarios to expand: dual-carbon background, the traditional industry (coal and chemical industry) for process improvement needs, reduce carbon emissions, driven by the demand for oxygen; dual-carbon background, hydrogen, as a clean energy, future demand for oxygen.As a clean energy hydrogen, the future development of attention

  • bulk gas business model improvement: self-built gas plant gradually turned to outsourcing business supply; gas product providers continue to expand upstream, become an equipment provider; air separation equipment manufacturers transformed into Gas product providers are expanding upstream to become equipment providers; air separation equipment manufacturers are transforming into downstream gas product providers.

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Because gas is used in a wide range of applications, there is a gas carrier product that reduces the pressure of the gas, called a pressure reducer, but not just a pressure reducer, there are a variety of other products.

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Shenzhen Wofly Technology Co., Ltd. is also because of this use of gas, they developed their own belong to a pressure regulator products, but also registered belong to their own brand AFKLOK, pressure reducer products, in a variety of gases on the use of some of the problems, for those problems we have developed a special gas cabinets, special gas shelves, VMP and so on this series of products, this product! Once out to a large extent for the use of gas that party to avoid the danger of saving space and labor costs, as well as for the applicability of various gases to a good guarantee.

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Shenzhen Wofly Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in solving the problem of gas supply and avoiding its danger.