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company news about Process Pipeline Test Pressure, Purging and Cleaning Scheme

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Company News
Process Pipeline Test Pressure, Purging and Cleaning Scheme
Latest company news about Process Pipeline Test Pressure, Purging and Cleaning Scheme
  • Conditions and Preparations for Testing Pressure
    • The construction of the pipeline system is completed, and it meets the design requirements and specifications.
    • The welding work is completed after the mixing rack and the pipe rack are installed. The ray detection has fully reached the design specifications and passed the inspection. The welds and other inspection areas that should be tested are not painted and insulated.
    • The test pressure gauge has been verified, and the accuracy is 1.5 levels. The full -scale value of the table should be 1.5 to 2 times the measured to the maximum pressure.
    • Before the test, you cannot participate in the test system, equipment and accessories, and add a white paint label with a white paint label with a blind plate.
    • Water should be used for cleaning water, and the content of chloride in the water must not exceed 25 × 10-6 (25ppm).
    • Temporary pipeline reinforcement for tests should be confirmed and reliable after inspection.
    • Check whether all valves on the pipeline are open, whether the pads are added, and stop the valve core of the valve core, and then reset until it is blown.
  • Process Pipeline Test Pressure Process

2.1. Pipeline test pressure is 1.5 times the design pressure.

2.2. When the pipeline and equipment are tested as a system, the test pressure of the pipeline is equal to or less than the test pressure of the device. Essence

2.3. When water injection of the system, the air should be exhausted. The air emission point should be at the highest point of the pipeline and add the exhaust valve.

2.4. Pipelines with large positions should be measured into the test pressure of the test medium. The test pressure of the liquid pipeline should be subject to the highest point pressure, but the lowest point of the minimum point must not exceed the tolerance of the pipeline composition.

2.5. When test pressure, the boost should be performed slowly. After the test pressure is reached, the pressure pressure should be 10 minutes. With no leakage, no deformation is qualified, and then the test pressure is reduced to the design pressure. Essence

2.6. After the test is over, the blind plate should be removed in time to exhaust water. During the drainage, negative pressure should be prevented, and no drainage can be drained anywhere. When a leak is found during the test process, it is not allowed to be treated with pressure. After eliminating the defects, the test should be re -tested.

2.7. The leakage test was performed after the pressure test was qualified, and the test medium was compressed by compressed air.

2.8. The pressure of the leakage test is the design pressure. The leakage test should focus on checking the filler letter. The flange or thread is connected to the empty valve, exhaust valve, and drainage valve.

3. Craft pipeline blowing and cleaning

3.1. Technology requirements

3.1.1 The process pipeline should be blown and cleaned in sections (referred to as blowing).

3.1.2 The blowing method is determined according to the requirements of the pipeline, the working medium, and the dirt on the surface of the pipeline. The sequence of blowing is generally carried out in order in order in order of the supervisor, support, and discharge pipes.

3.1.3 Before blowing, the instrument in the system should be protected, and the pore board, filter regulating valve and stopping valve core should be demolished, and they are properly kept.

3.1.4 During the blow, the ducts must not enter the device, and the organs blown out of the equipment must not enter the pipeline.

3.1.5 The equipment and pipes that are not allowed to be washed should be isolated from the blowing system.

3.1.6 The pipeline blowing should have sufficient flow. The pressure of blowing must not exceed the design pressure. The flow rate is generally not less than 20m/s. When blowing, use a wooden hammer to knock the tube. Do not damage the tube.

3.1.7 Consider the firmness of the pipeline branch and hanging rack before blowing, and reinforcement should be given if necessary.

3.2. Pipeline blowing, cleaning method

3.2.1 Water flushing: The working medium is a pipeline of the water system. Water rinse may reach the maximum flow or not less than 1.5m/s in a pipe. The export water color and transparency are consistent with the visual inspection at the entrance. After the pipeline is qualified, the water should be exhausted in time.

3.2.2 Air blowing: The working medium is a pipeline of the gas. Anyone who encounters the valve must disassemble the previous flange and add the baffle, and then reset after the pipeline is blown. The pressure must not exceed the design pressure of the container and pipeline, and the flow rate should not be less than 20m/s. During the air blowing process, when visually exhaust smoke and dust, the wooden target board inspection of white paint is set at the exhaust port, and there is no rust, dust, moisture and other debris on the target board of 5 minutes.

3.2.3 Steam blowing: The operating medium is scanned by steam pipes for steam pipes. Before the steam is blowing, the warm tube should be slowly raised for blowing, and then it cools to the environmental temperature naturally. The mouth of the exhaust area of ​​the steam is tilted upwards, and the logo is eye -catching. The diameter of the exhaust pipe should not be smaller than the diameter of the blowing pipe. Qualification standards: replace the target board twice in a row. Under the circumstances of all qualifications), it is a scanning qualification.

3.2.4 Pipeline reset: After the pipeline testing and blowing are qualified, the blind board should be removed in a timely manner according to the records, and the regulating regulating valve, stopping the valve core, instrument element.

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