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Company News About Shenzhen International Semiconductor Exhibition

Shenzhen International Semiconductor Exhibition

Shenzhen International Semiconductor Exhibition

AFKLOK helps the third generation of electronic semiconductor high-speed development, a comprehensive display of technology and products, 5/16-18 Shenzhen International Semiconductor Exhibition 16C051 and so you visit!


The fifth Shenzhen International Semiconductor Technology and Application Exhibition was officially opened on May 16 at Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Baoan New Hall) / Hall 14 & Hall 16. SEMI-e Shenzhen Semiconductor Exhibition plunges deep into the field of semiconductor industry, focuses on the core technology and development trend of the industry, and contributes to the construction of a modern industrial system with international competitiveness in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Greater Bay Area by building a professional and high-end industrial ecological exchange platform.

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As a key national development industry, the semiconductor industry is booming, and in the production process of semiconductor products, only by ensuring the stability of the packaging quality can we guarantee the final yield and reliability of integrated circuits. In order to ensure the quality of packaging, in addition to the need for advanced production lines, both the development and production of chips and components packaging, are inseparable from the safe and reliable electronic special gas system.


As a high-tech enterprise integrating engineering services and supporting products from technical consultation, overall planning, system design, selected equipment, prefabricated components, project site installation and construction, overall system testing, maintenance and other engineering services, AFKLOK Technology can provide customers with: electronic special gas systems, laboratory gas circuit systems, industrial centralized gas supply systems, bulk gas (liquid) systems, high-purity gases and special process gases Secondary piping system, chemical transportation system, pure water system and other gas application projects. AFKLOK Technology has excellent design and manufacturing experience in gas piping engineering valve fittings, so the brand reputation, products and services have consistently reaped high praise.

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Special gas system is a system used to ensure the safe use of special gases. It is used in the fields of semiconductor, electronics, liquid crystal, photovoltaic and solar cell industries, etc. The production process in the semiconductor industry is crucial, but most of the special gases are dangerous gases, such as SiH4, NF3, etc.. Therefore, to ensure the safe use of special gases is the meaning of special gas system. The special gas system consists of three parts: special gas equipment, special gas pipeline and terminal, and the special gas cabinet is the core equipment of the special gas system.


AFKLOK's fully automatic gas cabinet with PLC as the main control body, with touch screen for system display and setting, with different plate design to meet the needs of the solar energy, semiconductor industry, and has: simple operation, high compatibility of control software, high system stability, full alarm record function, etc. The special gas cabinet can support the network or wiring two ways to signal output, the gas cylinder cabinet control system can be All the status, including operation condition alarm information, pressure value when supplying gas, etc., can be uploaded to the central control by network or hardware. The gas cabinet control system (hydrogen control system) can be operated and controlled remotely by means of the network, increasing the convenience and safety of operation.

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Special gas system engineering is an important and dangerous project, special gas cabinet is the core equipment of most of the functions, special gas system engineering is incomplete without special gas cabinet. AFKLOK technology to help the majority of customers in the production process to solve the operational convenience and safety issues difficult to combine the difficulties, from product quality to business planning to make a comprehensive effort to gradually break through the difficulties, to achieve the aggregation of quality services, to provide a one-stop service program to meet different application scenarios, suitable for differentiation, for the growth of enterprise productivity to push the wave.


AFKLOK independently developed regulators, diaphragm valves are used in various fields and are respected by customers. For a long time, AFKLOK Technology has been deeply understanding the market demand, taking technical innovation as a strong support, cultivating the industry, constantly innovating and upgrading technology and process, adapting to the gradually developing market demand for new technology with high quality products and innovative technology.

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In the era of rapid development of the industry, higher product quality is an important factor for enterprises to enhance their core competitiveness. Wofei Technology also truly recognizes that quality is the cornerstone of enterprise survival and safety is the guarantee of company development. Wofei Technology is dedicated to professionalism, responsibility and integrity, and is determined to become a leading high-end intelligent gas delivery system integrator in the high-purity gas industry.