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Company News About Special Gas Equipment Manufacture

Special Gas Equipment Manufacture

Special Gas Equipment Manufacture


WOFLY has more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing air boxes, gas cabinets, gas manifolds, and gas panels for various industrial applications. By cooperating with the diversified companies in all walks of life, we found that "box" and "gas cabinets" these two terms can be interchangeable.


From the initial design phase to manufacturing and delivery, our experienced engineers and supply chain experts will directly cooperate with customers and materials suppliers. The gas box includes not only the gas itself, but also includes a control device and a metal plate to protect the gas panel and the surrounding environment. There is also space in the air cabinet and a cylinder. The gas tank protects people from potentially harmful gases. We take all precautions to ensure that the gas tank is manufactured according to the precise specifications of manufacturing operations while ensuring that materials and components suitable for each gas characteristic.


With the advancement of various industries such as medical equipment, semiconductors and alternative energy sources, the demand for high quality and complete gas delivery systems is increasing. The gas box can provide a centralized position of the cylinder and regulator for your team because the pipe pushes the gas to the output position of the plurality of workstations. There is a concentrated gas system that allows you to better control gas output, rate and pressure. We can provide you with gas delivery systems while ensuring that the entire system is designed, designed, assembles and tested by our team. After receiving, the air box can be installed.


The gas panel is based on customer order specifications and design. With internal engineering and design capabilities, we help our customers determine the correct gas panel type based on the tasks they want, and then build the valve, regulator, pipe, control device, etc. you need. The gas plate can be mounted in the gas tank or can also be independent of the gas tank / gas cylinder. Gasboard is a relatively simple


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Gas cabinet safety

In order to solve the problem of gas cabinet safety, it also provides a centralized delivery system, the gas cabinet and the gas cabinet can provide an effective way to deliver the appropriate amount of gas to each workstation. In addition, the implementation of these systems can make it easier to perform gas cylinders to reduce interference between production workshops and reduce the amount of cylinders that occupy space. Here are some of the features you can choose to use in the gas cabinet, as well as the safest gas delivery component type:


1. Corrosive gas can make other materials or destroy when contacting or present. These gases also stimulate and damage the skin, eyes, lungs or mucosa. If any inorganic material or water in the OEM's working environment may penetrate the gas cabinet, the gas delivery system should be equipped with a hydrophobic valve and a check valve to prevent water and other materials from being sucked into any corrosive gas cylinder. gas. In addition, manufacturers should develop security policies, requiring workers to wear protective clothing and equipment while replacing cylinders and set up eye-catching and bathing stations.


2.Toxicity and toxic gases can be unviovive, flammable, oxidized, reactive and high pressure. Their toxicity will be based on a particular gas. A problem that needs to be solved is designed using one of the gas cabinets in which the gas is designed is to replace the potential leakage of toxic gases during the replacement of the cylinder. Whenever the worker is laid in the pipe, it may leak into the room when the worker opens the cylinder valve. The purge valve system designed in the gas cabinet can remove toxic gases in the pipe manifold. You can use an inert gas purge line.


3.The oxidant gas has combustion capabilities, but it is not burn like a typical flammable gas. In addition to O2 gas, this type of gas can replace the oxygen present in the room. Therefore, the manufacturer should keep all flammable materials away from the gas cylinder. The gas delivery system is completely closed, with a small repair panel, and people can enter against the valve. Oxidative gas uses a specially designed regulator and has a label, which is written to the O2 gas service and cleaned.



4.The temperature of the low temperature gas can reach the boiling point of the negative 130 degrees. This extreme cold will significantly degrade many materials to make them brittle and increase their possibility of rupture under high pressure. Blocking in the line can also cause temperature fluctuations, and the temperature rise will cause the pipe to accumulate due to pressure accumulation. When designing the gas cabinet for these gases, the safety barrier valve and exhaust pipe are good choices.


5. flammable gases are often used in the semiconductor industry. These gases can spontaneously explode or fire without any material. Some of the fireless gases can also release a large amount of thermal energy. When designing the gas cabinet for these gas, the manufacturer must adopt a preventive measures as the flammable gases. This includes a deflation valve, a vents, and a flashfirer for conveying the system.