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Company News About System Requirements for Electronic Specialty Gas Preparation Processes!

System Requirements for Electronic Specialty Gas Preparation Processes!

System Requirements for Electronic Specialty Gas Preparation Processes!

The production process of electronic specialty gases includes several processes such as synthesis, purification, filling, analysis and testing, mixing and proportioning. In order to meet the downstream semiconductor manufacturing requirements for purity and impurity content, the purification process is very important. Depending on the composition of the upstream synthesis gas or raw gas, low temperature distillation or multi-stage purification is performed.


High cleanliness requirements

The preparation process of electronic special gases can be divided into two major blocks of upstream synthesis preparation and purification, which belongs to the chemical production process. The size of the production pipeline is large, and there is no special cleanliness level requirement. After downstream purification, the product is filled with gas and mixed for preparation. The production pipeline is small and has cleanliness level requirements. It needs to meet the standard specification of semiconductor manufacturing process.

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High sealing requirements

Due to their chemical activity, electronic specialty gases also place high demands on the materials and sealing of the production process system. Just like the requirements of semiconductor manufacturing, it prevents interface leakage caused by the introduction of impurities or corrosion of special gases. The system can also be used to prevent the introduction of impurities or the leakage of interface caused by the corrosion of special gases.


High quality stability requirements

The quality of electronic specialty gases includes a number of indicators such as purity and impurity particle content. Any change in the indicators will affect the results of the downstream semiconductor manufacturing process. Therefore, in order to ensure the consistency of the electronic special gas product indicators, the preparation process system to control the stability of the indicators is also very important.



Due to the chemical activity and quality requirements of EGP, the production system for EGP preparation, especially the downstream purification system, must meet the requirements of high purity materials, high sealing, high cleanliness and high quality consistency, and the construction of engineered components must meet the standards of the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

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What we commonly refer to as "high purity" is theoretically the definition of the purity of a substance, such as high purity gases, high purity chemicals, etc. Process systems or process system components that are applied to high-purity substances are also referred to as high-purity, such as high-purity systems and high-purity valves. Electronic specialty gas preparation systems require high purity application fittings, valves, and other fluid components, i.e., fittings and valves that are processed with high purity materials and clean manufacturing processes, and are structured for easy purging and cleaning. With high sealing performance. These fluid components are designed to meet the process flow path of the application, using the engineering and construction requirements of the semiconductor industry.


High Purity Piping Connections

VCR metal gasket face seal connections and automatic guide butt weld connections are widely used in demanding fluid system purity process requirements due to the ability to meet both smooth transition of the flow path at the connection, no stagnation zone, and high sealing performance.VCR connections form a narrow surface seal by extruding a relatively soft metal gasket. Repeatable and consistent connection and sealing performance is assured each time the deformed gasket is removed and replaced.


Tubes are welded using an automatic orbital welding system. The tube is protected by high purity gas inside and out. The tungsten electrode rotates along the orbit for high quality welding. Fully automated orbital welding melts the pipe without introducing other materials, achieving a high quality weld by repeatedly controlling thin-walled pipe is difficult to achieve with manual welding.


VCR Metal Gasket Face Seal Connection


Automatic Orbital Butt Welding Connection of Pipes

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High Purity Valves

The chemical activity of flammable, explosive, corrosive, and toxic electronic specialty gases places high demands on the sealing of the valve. In order to improve the sealing reliability, the requirement of packingless valves to prevent external leakage, that is, switching operation of the valve stem and the valve body between the seal using metal bellows or metal diaphragm, in order to eliminate leakage due to abrasion and packing seal deformation. Bellows-sealed and diaphragm-sealed valves are commonly used in process systems for high-purity applications because of the greater reliability of the seals and the easier cleaning and purge replacement of the valve internals.


Bellows-sealed valves are a packingless needle valve construction that allows for slow opening and flow regulation. Used for electronic specialty gas filling with safety flow requirements or on precursor source bottles with high safety requirements. The all-metal stem tip seals allow for extremely low operating temperatures and are used for cryogenic liquefaction of electronic specialty gases in finished product tanks after cryogenic distillation for piping.


Springless Diaphragm Seal Valve is a 1/4" snap-open valve for use as an automatically controlled switching valve in delivery piping. They are commonly used in ultra-high-pressure, high-purity applications due to their simple internal flow path, small internal volume, and ease of purging and replacement.


Diaphragm-sealed valves that close via the stem tip can open slowly and be used at higher operating pressures than non-sprung diaphragm-sealed valves. They are widely used on high-pressure electronic specialty gas filling or precursor source bottles.


The secondary seal bellows valve can not only be used in ultra-low temperature process systems at -200 degrees, but also prevents leakage of hazardous media into the atmosphere. Usually used for very dangerous electronic special gases, such as silane filling system.


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