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Company News About The Safe Use and Maintenance of Gas Manifold

The Safe Use and Maintenance of Gas Manifold

The Safe Use and Maintenance of Gas Manifold


In order to improve work efficiency and safety production, a single air supply of a single gas supply of a single gas supply is concentrated, and a plurality of gases are placed (high-pressure steel bottles, low temperature Duva cans, etc.) to achieve centralized gas supply. Generally installed in separate buildings or plant adjacent.

Gas manifold is suitable for enterprises with large gas consumption, whose principle is to input bottle gas through the cartridge and hose to the main pipe, under reduced pressure, adjustment, and transfer to the use of the construction site through the pipeline, which is widely used in the hospital , Chemical, welding, electronic and research units. Let's introduce the safe use and maintenance of gas bus bar.



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1.Open: The cut -off valve before the pressure reduction should be opened slowly to prevent suddenly opening, due to the high pressure shock that the pressure decompression device fails. The pressure gauge pointed out the pressure, and then clockwise rotating the decompressor to adjust the screw and the low pressure gauge to point out the required output pressure, turn on the low pressure valve, and supply the gas to the working point.

2. When installing, pay attention to the cleaning of the connection part to prevent the debris from entering the decompressor.

3. The leakage of the connection part is generally due to insufficient thread tightening, or the cushion is damaged.

4. Stop the gas supply, just adjust the screw with a full loosening decompression device. After the low pressure meter is zero, then turn off the deadline valve, so that the decompressor will not be pressured for a long time.

5. The high -voltage cavity of the decompression device is equipped with a safety valve. When the pressure exceeds the use value, the exhaust is automatically turned on, and the pressure drops to the use value to close it by itself. Do not pull the safety valve.

6. The phenomenon of discovering that the decompression is damaged or leaked, or the pressure of the low pressure gauge continues to rise, and the pressure gauge cannot return to zero. It should be repaired in time.

7. Do not install gas flowing in places with corrosive media.

8. Gas flowing flow must not be inflated in the air cylinder.

9. The flow stream should be used in accordance with regulations, not mixed to avoid danger.

10. Oxygen convergence is strictly forbidden to contact oil to avoid burning and fire.