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Company News About The Ware Maintenance Precautions of Airline System Laboratory Ventilation

The Ware Maintenance Precautions of Airline System Laboratory Ventilation

The Ware Maintenance Precautions of Airline System Laboratory Ventilation

Under normal circumstances, the substances used in the experiment are toxic, so there is a lot of safety hazards in various parts and related ventilation lines in the ventilator. This requires us to determine the elimination risk factor before implementing various inspections and maintenance.

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Any staff engaged in maintenance inspections must protect equipment such as masks, protective masks, protective glasses, acid-based gloves, etc.). In the process of experiment, if there is a dangerous condition, we must immediately eliminate the danger to continue to maintain the wind cabinet.

In the chemical experiment, there is often a variety of unpleasant, corrosive, toxic or explosive gases. If these harmful gases are not in time to exclude outdoor, they will cause indoor air pollution, affect the health and safety of experimental personnel; affect the accuracy and service life of the instrument equipment.

Air Flow Window of Laborary

1. dedicated to maintain laboratory fume hood main material, regular cleaning, multi-wiping, keep the plate surface clean.

2. a smooth surface countertops available epoxy flannel wipe clean, dry cloth or wipe light.

3. the surface of solid physiochemical board table mild hot water is recommended, acetone or cleaning properties cleaning ingredients do not use abrasive cleaner, to avoid damage to the table. For stubborn stains, contamination may be hypochlorous acid droplets in the experiment table plate can be washed away with water after 1.5 minutes.

4. paint spraying and then use the portion of the cleaning solution to clean the fine quality, to avoid contact with sharp objects leave scratches, must not be sanded to be noted that the holding surface of the dry everyday situations.

5. pp plastic materials and cleaning agents should first be sprayed on the surface, and then scrub brush moistened sparingly water until surface dirt was completely cleared, then wiped clean towel-dry soil. Detergent dilution ratio severity visible dirt, are generally to be made lean to rich.

6, maintenance of stainless steel materials
6.1. The laboratory ventilator should avoid using a detergent containing bleached ingredients and abrasives, and wireball 'grinding tools, and the like. In order to remove the detergent, the surface is rinsed with clean water at the end of the detergent.
6.2. Trademarks of stainless steel surfaces, film films, such as washing, binder ingredients, use alcohol or organic solvent (ether, stupid).
6.3. If there is a variety of acid surfaces, it is immediately rinsed with water, and then dried with aqueous ammonia solution or a neutral carbonate.

7. the maintenance of the attachment, the attachment mainly includes hinges, screws, handles, etc., which are generally sprayed with stainless steel or steel surface, and the spray treatment is mainly in use.
You should pay attention to the following points:
7.1. avoid salt, acid, base, etc., directly on it, if it is accidentally happened, washed with water and wipe it with a dry cloth.
7.2. door hinges should be treated regularly and prevent long-term moisture.

8. keep the sewers are smooth and prevent clogging.

9. the sink and the countertops should be kept clean, such as water stains, apply rag to dry.

10. pay attention to the use of materials such as hoses, sealing materials.