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Company News About What are Afklok tube fittings?

What are Afklok tube fittings?

What are Afklok tube fittings?

We are pleased to offer AFKLOK two ferrule compression tube fittings at Fluid Controls. These incredibly flexible tube fittings come in a variety of diameters and corrosion-resistant materials, offer remarkable leak-free couplings, and are extremely adjustable.

Afklok Tube Fittings

Wofly’s Afklok tube fittings are made to offer trustworthy leak-free connections for applications involving instrumentation, process and control, and analyzers. These tubefittings are produced to the highest quality standards and come in a variety of sizes, corrosion-resistant materials, and combinations.

Afklok collection of tube fittings from the manufacturer is made of heat-code-traceable 316 stainless steel as standard. 6Mo, Alloy 825, Alloy 625, and Alloy C-276 are more materials. While curved bodies are machined from close grain forgings, straight fittings are produced from cold-finished bar stock.

The tube fittings come in imperial sizes ranging from 1/16" to 2" O.D. and metric sizes ranging from 2 mm to 25 mm O.D.
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1) male pipe to a tube.

2) Male pipe to female tube

3) tubes joined together.

4) connections for ports.

5) flare (AN) to A-LOK at 37.

6) O-ring to tube seal

7) systems welded to tubes.

8) Fittings for analysis.

9) Barbed fittings.

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Wofly is a manufacturing company of high-quality instrumentation and pressure control equipment in the China, and it own brands eg. AFK, Afklok, Wofly.

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