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Company News About What components are in a Diaphragm valve?

What components are in a Diaphragm valve?

What components are in a Diaphragm valve?

The components of the diaphragm valve are as follows:


Valve cover


The valve cover serves as the top cover and is bolted to the valve body. It protects the compressor, valve stem, diaphragm and other non wetting parts of the diaphragm valve.


valve body


The valve body is a component directly connected with the pipe through which the fluid passes. The flow area in the valve body depends on the type of diaphragm valve.


The valve body and bonnet are made of solid, rigid and corrosion resistant materials.

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The diaphragm is made of a highly elastic polymer disc that moves downward to contact the bottom of the valve body to restrict or obstruct the passage of fluid. If fluid flow is to be increased or the valve is to be fully opened, the diaphragm will rise. The fluid flows below the diaphragm. However, due to the material and structure of the diaphragm, this assembly limits the operating temperature and pressure of the valve. It must also be replaced regularly, because its mechanical properties will decrease during use.


The diaphragm isolates the non wetted parts (compressor, valve stem and actuator) from the flow medium. Therefore, solid and viscous fluids are unlikely to interfere with the diaphragm valve operating mechanism. This also protects non wetted parts from corrosion. On the contrary, the fluid in the pipeline will not be contaminated by the lubricant used to operate the valve.