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Company News About What components are in a pipe fitting?

What components are in a pipe fitting?

What components are in a pipe fitting?

Composition of Ferrule Connector



AFK ferrule type pipe connector is composed of four parts: front ferrule, Back ferrule, ferrule nut and connector body.

Advanced design and strict quality ensure that the pipe connector is completely sealed under correct installation.


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Operating Principle of Ferrule Connector


When assembling the ferrule joint, the front ferrule is pushed into the joint body and ferrule to form the main seal, and then the ferrule is hinged inward to form a strong grip on the ferrule. The geometry of the rear ferrule is conducive to the generation of advanced engineering hinge clamp action, which can transform the axial movement into the radial extrusion of the ferrule, requiring only a small assembly torque during operation.


Features of AFK Ferrule Connector


1.Active load and double ferrule design

2.Easy and correct installation

3.The torque will not be transmitted to the ferrule during installation

4.Fully compatible


Features of Double Ferrules


The double ferrule separates the sealing function from the gripping function of the ferrule, and each ferrule is optimized for its corresponding function.


The front ferrule is used to form a seal:


1. Sealing with connector body

2. Seal the outer diameter of the ferrule.


When the nut is rotated, the rear ferrule will:


1. Push the front ferrule axially

2. Apply an effective clamping sleeve along the radial direction for gripping