Wofly Responds to Semiconductor Electronic Gas Quality Supplies Demand

April 9, 2022
Latest company news about Wofly Responds to Semiconductor Electronic Gas Quality Supplies Demand


Whenever the integrated circuit is manufactured, the industry will mostly speak the wafer, lightning machine and other equipment. However, in the field of chip manufacturing, there is a region that is often easy to neglect, but it is a gas.


The reason why electronic gases is especially critical, and it is inseparable from it during chip manufacturing. A silicon wafer has a few processes such as photolithography, film, etching, cleaning, injection, etc. after polishing treatment and a series of strict screenings, and nearly a thousand steps can eventually become a chip. During this process, almost every link is less inclined. The package generated from a single chip to the last device is also inseparable from the electronic gas.

The electronic gas involved in the manufacture of semiconductor devices has very stringent requirements in purity and precision. Once a particular impurity exceeds the standard, it may directly lead to the serious defects of the product, even because of the diffusion of unqualified gases, the entire production line is contaminated or scrapped. Therefore, it can be seen that the quality of the electronic gas directly affects the performance of the semiconductor device, and also forms a high technical barrier for gas suppliers.

Throughout the past, some of the high pure gases, rare gas and mixed gases needed by the electronic manufacturing industry need to rely on imports, and Woy Fei Technology Wofly breaks this situation in innovation. In the service electronics manufacturing industry, companies have experienced experienced experience, always applied to special gases and bulk gases in the electronic semiconductor field as key R & D directions, and can supply all kinds of high-purity high-purity gases in many well-known electronic manufacturers around the world. Including nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, argon, helium, etc., ensuring the quality of electronic gas supply in the production of semiconductor devices.


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Under the premise of system security, air supply, continuous and uninterrupted, the company strictly ensures the quality and reliability of the gas, including the pressure, dew, impurities, granularity, flow rate, etc., each step. Strict technical parameters requirement and quality control measures to ensure stable product quality during transportation and use, avoid secondary pollution. In addition, the company can provide one-stop overall solution for the electronic manufacturing industry to meet the needs of various process links. At the same time, rich industry service experience and efficient implementation, so that the company can fully meet the demanding air needs of the electronic manufacturing industry, shorten the supply cycle, reduce cost, and improve supply stability.

With the increasing increase in China's overall film wafers in recent years, the original wafer factory capacity expansion and technology upgrade, electronic gas ushered in a new round of growth opportunities and challenges. Therefore, Wo Fei Technology actively responds to the challenges of the chip technology leap on gas quality. With its rich application experience, leading process level and reliable supply, actively support the development of the industry, and join hands with many domestic and foreign leading integrated circuits. Manufacturing enterprises jointly explore the key meaning of electronic gas supply, to help the quality supply of electronic gas required in electronic equipment development environments, and fully promote the progress of the semiconductor industry, empower "China Core" Strategy.